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The news and advertising agency VEKO has been totally involved in the Russian and CIS eye care industry since 1996. Starting with publishing the very first Russian-language professional optical magazine Veko for opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists, the VEKO agency now creates, produces and represents a number of different magazines, books and websites for Russian-speaking eye care specialists and customers around the world. Additionally, the VEKO agency provides consulting and educational services related to the eye care business, is deeply immersed in the Russian Optical Association's public projects and plays an active role in the professional community.


Veko, optical magazine

Established in 1996, Veko is the optical industry's number one Russian language source for fashion trends, new products, new services and marketing activities for optical importers, distributors and retailers. Veko Magazine covers all aspects of eyewear and eye care dispensing activities for ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians. Published ten times a year in Russia, the magazine is distributed to nearly 2,500 industry buyers and executives in all Russian-speaking countries. Additionally, a licensed edition of Veko circulates in Ukraine.

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Veko, optical magazine

Actual Optometry, scientific journal

Actual Optometry is a scientifically-practical magazine for ophthalmologists, optometrists, scientists, students of medical and technical colleges and for all who are interested in the science of vision, optometry and adjacent areas of scientific knowledge. The edition publishes relevant and timely articles from Russian and foreign experts. Articles are peer reviewed and their publication is free for authors. This periodical has been published ten times per year since January 2007, with a circulation of 2,500. In 2010, the Higher Certifying Commission (HAC) included Actual Optometry in the list of Russian leading peer-reviewed scientific magazines.

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Actual Optometry, scientific journal

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The Optical Directory, annual index

This publication is the yellow pages of the Russian eye care industry. Annually updated, full contact information of all of the industry’s players is presented in an easy-to-find way. The helpful alphabetical index is followed by product sections, so any company can be found either by its name or its products and services. The Optical Directory is an absolute must have for every store's manager, and is included in the complete Veko subscription.

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The Optical Directory, annual index

Sunglasses, annual catalogue

That valuable annual publication contain articles about the latest fashion and technological trends, as well as, reviews of the upcoming seasons’ new collections. More than 100 of the most popular luxurious, casual and athletic-style brands and licensed eyewear products are represented in the issue, making Sunglasses great selling tools for every shop consultant. Furthermore, the circulation of 10,000 copies allows distribution among retail customers, bringing even more benefits to any optical store.

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Books for Professionals

One of the most important parts of the agency’s business is publishing professional books --- from very special areas of interest in optometry to general aspects of the eye care business. The VEKO Agency works with the most prominent domestic and foreign authors, as well as, major international publishing houses to find the best, most relevant and useful information, and publish their books with the highest quality and standards. Russian optical practitioners appreciate the definitive translations, which have been made from the most valuable English, German, French and Italian books.

OCHKI.net, Internet Resource for Retail Customers

It goes without saying that it is a real challenge to best choose a method of vision correction. What is better – glasses or contact lenses, or maybe laser treatment? What are progressive lenses? Do we really need to protect our eyes from UV? These and many other questions are considered in this comprehensive web resource. All articles are adapted for non-professionals and provide them with additional, helpful where-to-buy information. It makes OCHKI.net an indispensable guide for all glasses and contact lenses users.

OCHKI.com, web portal for professionals

Often called the 'bible' of the industry by eye care specialists, this universal source of professional information offers the latest news of the optical world, the most relevant articles, contacts of all of the industry’s players, a calendar of major B2B events, a list of job offers, our own expert forum and many other helpful features. Just one click gives you an opportunity to access the entire industry and keep your business up to date, daily.

Veko Expert, business educational service

Veko Expert creates and manages its own business education programs, as well as, promotes a range of existing professional training programs, working as an agent of the Moscow School of Medical Optics. The offered courses meet the major educational requirements of the most popular industry positions – lab technicians, opticians, optometrists and managers. Such modern technologies as webinars and teleconferences are widely utilized during theoretical training in order to save on travel expenses. Veko Expert invites the most prominent industry experts to participate and share their knowledge with the optical community.

Veko Ukraine and Actual Optometry Ukraine, magazines for Ukrainian specialists

These special versions are tailored to the Ukrainian eye care market --- serving optical retail stores, independent opticians and optometrists, distributors, importers, educational institutions, etc. Based on its parent Russian periodical, the publications contain relevant information, articles, event reviews, features and advertising aimed at Ukraine. Published bimonthly with a circulation of 1000 copies, Veko Ukraine and Actual Optometry Ukraine are distributed by free subscription. Advertising in these magazines is the best way to get your foot in the door of this fast developing optical market.


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