Actual Optometry

About magazine

« Actual Optometry » - scientifically-practical magazine for doctors-ophthalmologists, opticians, science officers, students medical and technical colleges, for all who is interested in optometry and adjacent areas of scientific knowledge.

« Actual Optometry » is published since January, 2007. The magazine circulation – 3 thousand copies, issued 10 numbers per year. The edition publishes articles of the Russian and foreign experts devoted to scientific and practical questions of optometry . Articles are reviewed, their publication for authors – is free. The edition has won a great popularity among opticians, optics and ophthalmologists.

The magazine « Actual optometry » according to the decision of presidium of the Higher certifying commission (HAC) from February, 19th, 2010 № 6/6 is included in the List of leading reviewed scientific magazines and editions in which the basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of scientific degrees of the candidate and the doctor of sciences should be published.

The magazine is periodically dispatched on all medical and to the technical colleges which connected with optometry , optics, other engineering science. The magazine has a subscription index in the subscription catalogue of Open Society "Rospechat", it is written out regularly by ophthalmologists, optics, opticians. Since 2009 the magazine is included in system of the Russian index of the scientific citing, all articles give all the best for paid access on a site (references are resulted in section «Archive of numbers»).

« Actual Optometry » well-known to foreign experts in the field of the optometry , all articles have high-grade English summaries. The magazine has index ISSN. Are published full pre-article bibliographic lists.